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SWR Gabinete Triad™ (1x15" + 1x10" + Tweeter)

SWR Gabinete Triad™ (1x15" + 1x10" + Tweeter)

$ 817.990
Color: Black/Chrome

A two-chamber, true three-way cabinet that provides full range, uncolored, exacting, highly accurate tone. Offering the best of all worlds, this cab is loaded with a custom SWR 15-inch driver, 10-inch driver, and high-frequency tweeter, and each is crossed over at the optimum point, making it extra sweet across the full-frequency spectrum. Simply put, the Triad does the hard work of properly separating frequencies into specific drivers for you. Best used either by itself, or in combination with another Triad. Features: Three-way full-range enclosure (1x15 + 1x10 + tweeter), 400 watts handling, custom SWR speakers, horn tweeter with attenuator, dual Speakon and 1/4” speaker jacks, side spring-loaded handles, vibration-free shock-mounted chrome grill, front slot port. Impedance: 4 ohms.

Model Name: Triad™
Model Number:  44-70400-000
Series: Custom Pro Specialist
Type:  Bass Speaker Enclosure
Description:  4 Ohm, 400 watt, three-way speaker enclosure featuring (1) 15" speaker, (1) 10" speaker and a tweeter. Very accurate studio sound from SWR®'s only three-way enclosure.
Features: Bottom Slot Port, Spring Loaded Rubber Grip Handles, Black Ozite Carpeting with Stack Lock Corners, Chrome Stamped Steel Vibration-Free Grill, High Quality Metal Input Panel with Heavy-Duty Attenuator, 1/4" In/Out and Speakon® Input Jacks, Horn Protection Circuit, The crossover points for the Triad are 5 kHz and 100 Hz, Frequencies above 5 kHz go to the Tweeter, Frequencies between 5 kHz and 100 Hz go to the 10", Frequencies below 100Hz go to the 15".
Power Output: N/A
Impedance (Ohms): 4 Ohms @ 1KHz
Speakers: (1) 15", P/N 0062725000, (1) 10", P/N 0067077000, (1) Foster® Horn, P/N 0066395000
Channels: N/A
Controls: High Frequency Attenuator
Covering: Black Carpet with Chrome Stamped Steel Vibration-Free Grille
Weight: 80 lbs.
Dimensions: Height: 27", Width: 23", Depth: 18.5"
Power Handling: 400 Watts RMS
Tube Complement:  N/A
Accessories: N/A
Cover: Uses Cover P/N 0066187000, US MSRP $54.95 (Not Included)  Footswitch: N/A
Frequency Response: 98 dB SPL @ 1W1M (-6dB @ 37Hz and 16KHz)

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